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tv   Today  NBC  December 26, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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good morning. back now with more of "today" on a wednesday morning, the day after christmas, the 26th of december, 2012. that's a look at the white house, of course. and getting just a little bit of snow. we hear from our forecasters anywhere from one to three inches of snow. and perhaps the dreaded sleet. lot of wintry weather on its way out east. we'll check the weather with maria larosa in a moment. but first out on the plaza, we have a very cheery crowd out on the plaza. >> yes, we do. >> i'm savannah guthrie along with willie geist, who is in for matt. >> chilly but no snow yet. later today, trough travel for
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the country. we love being with our family and friends. a lot of folks this day and days to come start to get a little down. we talk about the holidays and the hoopla ends and sometimes people get a little bit sad. we'll have advice on how to avoid the post holiday blews. >> i noticed you were extra moody today. >> yes, exactly. the perkiness meter went down ever so slightly. >> notched down a couple. also some affordable and effective beauty products, the best of this year. and then we're going to meet a guy who started 2012 with a goal to work 100 different jobs in a single year. now he is up to 99 and he's got a very special idea for number 100. see if he can make it happy before the end of the year. that's coming up. >> that's pretty cool. on "today's" pick three, the mini controversy willie stirred up on twitter over a christmas staple. >> controversy? actual conversation. >> a debate. we'll get into that in a few
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minutes. first over to erica hill, ov over -- who is in for natalie. bracing for a second day of travel on the roads and in the air. the deep south is trying to recover from more than 30 damaging tornadoes. the storm is blamed for at least three deaths and it is now moving to the east. the taliban is claiming responsibility for a suicide attack at a u.s. military base in afghanistan. vehicle driven by the bomber exploded at the gate to the base in the eastern part of the country. it happened today, killing three afghans. police have found the body and chilling note in the home of a man who set his house on fire, then killed two firefighters christmas eve in upstate new york. they believe the body is that of william spengler's older sister. the note said spengler wanted to do what he liked doing best, killing people. the christmas holiday is over for president obama and congress members both will be
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back in washington to try to avoid automatic tax increases and spending cuts january 1st. price of milk could double if congress doesn't provide a fix for dairy prices. as you know aen s one scenario is to attach a farm bill to the fiscal cliff legislation if a deal can be reached in time. newtown, connecticut, police in neighboring communities filled in for newtown officers so they could all have the day off to spend christmas with their families. school shootings, bad weather and threat of tax increases in january all helped to slow holiday shopping after a pretty fast start on black friday. mastercard advisers say before christmas, shopping increased seven-tenths of 1% from a year
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ago. retailers are hoping to make up for that today. do you ever wonder how santa prepares for the weather? apparently he prepares by jumping into cold weather. how santa cools off after a grueling christmas eve of delivering presents. looks so refreshing and relaxing. that is the new. now back over to savannah, willie and maria. there you are. >> it's very refreshing, right? looks very refresh iing. cold air is in place and big snow heading up toward the ohio valley. that's the big weather story for today, along with that the chance for some very gusty winds, gusting to 40, 50 miles per hour. not out of the question, parts of the southeast. interior new york state, blizzard warnings. potential severe weather on the other side. from columbia, raleigh, talking about gusting winds and maybe
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some tornadoes. by late tonight and tomorrow icy mix from new york to boston. inland, it is all snow and a lot of it. begins to taper off as we get into late thursday. a look at some of the snow totals, areas in purple anywhere >> rain and snow possible. highs today >> and that's a look at your weather, willie. back to you. >> maria, thank you. now to "today's" take three, we
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take on the stories that caught our attention. yes, we are holding egg nog. cheers, everybody. >> keep it going a little longer. >> why not? >> is it spiced or not? >> we'll find out. >> throughout the course of the segment. >> you'll be able to tell. we don't know. >> more on the eggnog in a second. you had a planes, trains and automobile situation this holiday season? >> i had a very exciting christmas. i was going to fly to vermont. >> right. >> something happened. we ended up driving six hours, due to a little situation at the airport. that was interesting. >> weren't able to board your plane? >> that's right. there was an accident on the highway. we were late. they wouldn't let me come on with the big bag full of christmas presents so we had to drive. >> where's the spirit? >> i don't know. i don't know. it's actually on the highway heading north. >> you got where you were going? >> we did. we did. we had some adventures. it's always an adventure at the guthrie household. i'm not sure that i should spill it. what about your holidays?
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>> i don't know. that sounds very interesting. the eggnog is spiced, by the way. my older son really wanted a wand. he told me he needs to go back to santa and give him a new letter because it doesn't come with instructions. there's my little fireman, sawyer. good out fit. it was a big hit. weston wants santa to send some instructions so he can get the magic mastered. >> he has a point. if you don't get the spells and everything -- >> we're going to go to the post office and send a letter. >> are there follow-ups? >> we're going to find out. but at least you could send a thank you. >> inquiries, he owes you that. >> how about you? >> it was a good one. we covered a lot of ground in the tri-state area. christmas eve night we were racing home from my mother's house and my kids were worried
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that santa was going to beat them to the house. we need to get them to bed. norad has this santa tracker, you can look it up on the iphone. every 30 seconds, where is he now, from the backseat. he's over nova scotia, and they go, ahh! as if they know what nova scotia is. santa goes down to antarctica, then up south america so he doesn't come from london across. we had more time than we thought. >> buy your time. >> now they've memorized the entire globe. remember when santa was over ecuador? whew, that was close. that was close. we only had a few minutes but we put the carrots on the roof of our building because that's where santa lands with the reindeer. >> also clever. >> we left a bunch of full-sized carrots. in fact, they gnawed them down to the nubs. >> wow, that's what they needed to get through the rest of the night. >> cookies from santa? >> yes, and the milk.
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did a nice job. >> i gave my mom some gold earrings. this happens, you know. you get -- the presents all get unwrapped, it's chaos, and one of the earrings is suddenly missing. there ensued the proverbial hard target search throughout the house. trash was emptied, looked through. there was even a theory at one point it might have been in the egg casserole that my mom had made. we were all careful chewing. >> did you get through it? >> we were worried we would chew on the earring. will gold melt at that temperature? but we found it. >> not in the casserole? >> no, thank goodness. it was at the bottom of the bag. my brother-in-law, god bless him, he went through the trash. >> good man. >> he shot to the top of the list. favorite child list. >> take two. this is the national conversation we were eluding to that i started on twitter last night. i was hammering down eggnog out
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of cartons because i bought way too much and was trying to prove to my wife that i didn't buy too much when i did, trying to drink it all. is there any food or drink that enjoys a shorter run every year than eggnog, goes all out for 24 hours then chills for 364 days. >> to the point. >> right? >> yeah. >> the responses came in hot and heavy. candy corn became the number one response. apparently only on halloween. >> it lasts longer than the nog. >> fruitcake was another one, cranberry sauce. a lot of people disagreed with over that. overnight it became clear that peeps was the winner. we can call it now peeps, the shortest run for food. >> i would agree with that. i'm not even sure you really want to eat peeps on the day itself. >> that's correct. >> but you can do all fun things, as we've seen over the years. >> all kinds of experiment. >> what happens when you do that? >> i will show you around easter time. i will say i notice this had year peeps for christmas. they're trying to expand their
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run. >> oh, really? >> yeah. i don't know if it's going to. >> what happens if you put the peeps in the microwave? i can't wait till easter. >> there are all kinds of things online. it must be true. everybody else is like, duh, willie. >> people experiment. >> how? >> they melt, they explode. they do crazy things. they drink eggnog. >> they do have a longer shelf life than we thought. >> the twinkie. >> a couple of quarts of eggnog in my fridge if you want to come over. my wife was right. >> i like the national concession. take three holiday box office. i don't know how many of you went to the movies last night. apparently a lot of you did. "les miserables," projected gross of $18 million for one day, which is a lot more than they expected. " "django unchained" came in number two with another great number for them, 15.5 million, exceeded expectations there. anybody go to the movies yesterday? >> no. >> we've seen "django
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unchained." >> i haven't yet. >> how about "les mis." >> it's a tough move toy watch in some ways but there's also laughter. it's a good movie but it's a tarantino film. be forewarned. >> les mis was wonderful if you love the music. they did a beautiful job. >> django, if you love tarantino, you'll love that movie. hand bell choir covering adele's "rolling in the deep" performed by the hand bell ensemble out of morganville, new jersey. let's watch. ♪ >> that's pretty cool. did they audition, apparently, to get in? >> yes. these are skilled bell ringers. >> high degree of difficulty on
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that one. >> as we sit here watching i'm going to say one time this is delicious. i'm going to start drinking this -- >> first time i've had it this season. thank you for bringing it. >> i'm going to have it in the summer. >> we'll have it a couple of days, apparently. >> eggnog. [ woman ] weighing myself in times square is a little frightening. i weigh myself naked. can i take my clothes off, too? [ woman ] oh, i don't want to look. ♪ [ woman ] let's get it over with.
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9:17 am
everyday lives. now that that distraction is over we've got to get back to the real deal. >> okay. >> we need to think about how to do that. >> ways to combat those feelings starting with holiday photos. get right into them. >> get right into scrapbooking, photo galleries. you can skype with your grandchildren if you want to do that. calling your friends up and sharing all the good times. seniors want to do that but young folks want to do that and say hey, what did i get? heard you talking about the santa tracker. we want to talk about having good times. one time we experience it, let's carry it out and have good conversation about it. >> start looking ahead to the next holiday. new year's eve. >> it's right around the corner. so don't wait. start planning now. plan your outfit, what you're going to do. call the person up and say i want to spend new year's with you. you only have a week. it's right around the corner. >> and this larger theme of looking forward not backward.
9:18 am
>> focus forward not backward. too often we are so focused on what was behind us that we can't look forward to what's in front of us. concentrate on the present. thinking about the new year, what's going to come about that? what about the new year are you going to do that's going to be exciting? and then focus on that versus the backwards. >> it's important to live in the moment, something a lot of us forget to do any day but especially around the holidays. >> listen, living in the moment means that we don't focus on the past. it's the day-to-day, every day things and sometimes not even the big stuff. christmas, new year's is the big stuff. what about the small stuff? what about your kids recital? that's the good stuff we have every day that we can really enjoy. >> get excited about 2013. good message. >> 2013, create a strategic plan. people don't plan to fail, they fail to plan. look forward to our goals and maybe even have the family contribute to a nursing home or
9:19 am
homeless shelter which teaches the kids that we have to pay it forward. >> i feel better already. r.g. allen, thank you so much. good to see you. >> happy holidays. who says it's hard to find a job? a guy that's had 99 of them this year alone and looking now for number 100 before the end of the year. we'll explain why right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up.
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tired of the same old, same old, day after day, year after year. not for this man. he has had 99 different jobs in 2012, hoping to reach 100 on new year's eve. has a grand plan there. good morning. >> good morning to you. thank you. >> 99? >> 99 so far. we'll turn it into triple digits new year's eve hopefully. >> what was the idea behind this? >> there's hundreds, thousands of us actors in the city. i thought what can i do that's unique to get noticed? i'm a freelance r, good
9:23 am
networker. see if i can do 100 in the year and see what comes of it. >> how did you find them all? putting yourself out online? >> craigslist, task rabbit. friends i knew, temp agencies, promo agencies and eventually i just networked. >> street musician, assembler of furniture at ikea, a maid. favorite job and least favorite job sh. >> sure. my favorite job i got to host a show at the people's improve theater. i tweeted at home back in august. big fan. biggest childhood author of ours and he agreed to it. we got to hold the show and then the worst job is i had to hold a job at a convention center. we were registering people. people didn't know about a preregistration fee. we were dealing with customer complaints while we -- no one intended that to happen but it was rough. >> you actually -- you had to get paid for all these jobs. you were living off this income, which puts a little extra pressure on you.
9:24 am
>> right. that was the biggest challenge, actually. because the challenge -- biggest challenge was not finding all the jobs but actually getting that income, because i had to keep aleving it. >> that rent. >> job 100, five days before the end of the year. what do you want that job to be? >> i would love to work at the times square ball drop. i want to be a correspondent at the times square ball drop on new year's eve. >> you want to work the crowd? >> i have had that job. i'm going to give you some tips. it is cold, colder than you can imagine. and fun. >> make a little pitch. look into the camera. >> which camera are we at? right over here? i would like to work as a correspondent for the times square ball drop on new year's eve. if you can make that happen, contact me, 100jobsone >> why should they hire you? what's your big sell? >> what do you bring to the table? >> i have a lot of experience. >> 99 jobs worth, in fact. very cool. hope it happens for you.
9:25 am
if not, go down to times square and find something to do. thank you so much. >> still ahead from lipstick to brushes and more, we'll check out some of the top beauty products of 2012 after your local news and weather. the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone...but her likes 50% more cash. but i'm upping my game. do you want a candy cane? yes! do you want the puppy? yes! do you want a tricycle? yes! do you want 50 percent more cash? no!
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> accumulation of to an inch in baltimore. we change to rain in the afternoon. icy mixture again tonight into tomorrow. high of 41 tomorrow. freddie looks dry. saturday could bring more snow.
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go to call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's at 800-974-6006 tty/v. and see why millions have switched to america's fastest, most consistent, most reliable internet -- verizon fios. i'm curious, what makes you such an expert? >> i'm curious what makes you so curious. >> what did you say, boy? >> calm down. no offense. >> that is leonardo dicaprio, earning high praise and golden globe nomination for his latest movie "django unchained." we'll catch up with him in a sit-down interview some on "today." i'm willie geist along with erica hill and maria larosa. sitting down with him, to hear him talk about that character, if you haven't seen the movie "django unchained" he is a
9:31 am
reprehensible character. leonardo dicaprio said i read the script and hated him immediately and i had to play him. this half hour, party season. new year's eve coming up on monday. chances are you'll have a cocktail or two perhaps. what should you drink if you're watching your weight on new year's eve? >> i'm guessing not the eggnog that we were drinking earlier. >> no. standouts of 2012 when we're talking health and beauty. some of them are very affordable. >> what to do for christmas if you're a member of the royal family? how the queen and duke and duchess of cambridge spent their day. first a check of the weather from maria larosa, in for al. >> a little rough still in parts of the southeast and eventually into the midatlantic. sort of round two here with the severe weather. even the threat of tornadoes in that area in red especially, eastern south carolina, eastern north carolina during the afternoon hours. make sure you have a way to get the warnings.
9:32 am
still active right now. very heavy rain on the northern fringe of this is snow and in some cases blizzard condition with his blowing snow. that will continue its northeast ward trek up to a foot or more, places like new york or boston, maybe some sleet mixed in there along with rain as we get into tomorrow. our system across the west continues. there, too, an additional couple of inches for the ski resorts. not a bad deal. of course, making travel very, very difficult. that's a ldi >> wintry weather possible for the morning. high stay near 40 degrees. it wintry
9:33 am
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shape magazine's editor at large. with some of her favorites this morning, nice to see you again, good morning. >> good morning, erica. >> we love lots of fun products, especially at reasonable prices. >> everything here is under 30 bucks. that is good news, especially after the holidays. >> exactly. we're all out of money at this point. start us off here with what you have for hair. little volume. >> this is a product from pantene pro-v. think of this as the next generation of mousse. without the stickiness you remember from the mousse of the '80s. >> i didn't think it was around anymore. you don't hear much about it. >> it's back in a big way. styler and moisturizer in one plus it will protect against heat damage, which is so
9:38 am
important when you're using a blow dryer or curling iron. >> i like the lack of the '80s crunch. i fondly remember that in my hair. face creams and moisturizers, really important, not just for your hair, obviously. >> right. it's so important. as you age, your skin tends to change. discoloration, wrinkles. a great product from this year is neutrogena's rapid repair moisturizer. this is the night version. in just seven days it will smooth out wrinkles and fine line. >> seven days? >> yes, and helps diminish discoloration, acne scars, hyper pigmentation. it works really, really quickly. the key ingredients are retinol, which helps to increase collagen. hyuralonic acid and vitamin c, which helps to even out your skin tone. >> i always thought it was vitamin d for your skin. there we go. >> exactly. great little products for the wintertime to get ready for the spring and summer. >> especially in the cold.
9:39 am
that can take a toll on everybody's skin as well. for your lips, you're puckering up for new year's eve. >> right around the corner. use a lipstick with staying power. this one is from maybelline new york, 14-hour super stay lipstick. this will stay on your lips all night long, even through that new year's kiss. >> make sure you like the color. >> i know. this is with me forever today. lots of great colors. it's not going to fade. it's not going to flake. a lot of times lipsticks, if they're long lasting, tend to be really dry. this one from maybelline new york is really nice. >> you just answered my question. that's always the issue. you don't want your lipsticks to dry out and be caky. >> especially before a kiss. that's right. >> good to know. what's this right here? >> it's a little wand from the sephora holiday collection. think of this as three different brushes for your eyes. >> they're all magnetic. >> you have no excuse, they won't get lost. >> how fun. >> i love this for an eyeliner. you have a smudger.
9:40 am
and for eyeshadow as well. magnetically connected. perfect for holidays. if you go to the gym, throw this in your gym bag and do the last-minute touchups. >> i like your thinking. willie was -- no, that's at the end. i don't know if willie is excited about this body shaver. that's another issue. >> the head pivots so you can get those hard to reach places like ankle or back of your knee, which is always really, really hard. battery operated. use this wet or dry. and this razor is supposed to last up to two years. >> for one razor? >> you never see this. >> no. many fewer knicks on the ankle there. all the rage because it lasts forever and now we can do it at home? >> gel manicures can be time
9:41 am
consuming and a little expensive. sally hansen salon came out with this insta gel strip. this is the strip plus the gel. what we get in this starter kit, this cool little mini l.e.d. lamp. >> what you need to set it. >> to cure your nails. getting the nail strips, they come in tons of different colors, and top koet as well. this is a two-step process. no dry time. no smudges, no stress at all. >> how much is this one? >> $29.99 as well. it's a really good deal. you can continue to use the system over and over again. >> this is what willie was really excited about, l.e.d. tweezers. with this you can actually see, finally -- it's about time somebody thought about this, what you're tweezing. >> here is the l.e.d. light, spotlight l.e.d. tweezer from re revlon. you don't need natural light. you can see those ingrown hairs.
9:42 am
>> i have this one for willie. >> thank you. checking in to see how royals do things in the u.k. this year after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up.
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the royal family has plenty to celebrate this holiday season, including a new heir to the throne on the way. here is nbc's michelle kosinski. >> reporter: just like any family, the royal one has to roll with it. the queen has been fighting a bad cold, but beamed in turquoise for the crowd outside church that started arriving at 4:00 am. presenting her with bouquets, treats for her corgis and a teddy bear, no doubt just what she had been hoping for. brilliant hats on display. prince philip looking fit. last year, remember, he was in the hospital with a heart problem. this time, william and kate were the ones aaway, forging their own path by spending this christmas with the middletons. kate described as looking a bit pale, tired as she's been dealing with extreme morning sickness, her hair pulled back,
9:47 am
wearing a simple coat she's worn before, prince william at her side with her family. >> he's quite able to just adapt to a situation. his wife is pregnant. she wants to be with her mom and dad. he's quite happy for that to happen. i think that shows that the queen is quite happy to take his lead on things loik that, too. >> middleton christmas, according to an article written by pippa, blissfully calm at home in buckleberry. they will be treated to mr. middleton dressing up in an over the top costume. one year an inflated sumo out fit. >> they do have their own fun and games. there is a bit of dressing up there. their biggest sort of, shall we say, excitement, is playing charades and they are normally some of the people that the royal family have met, famous people during the years. >> reporter: no taste of royal life is as real as prince harry
9:48 am
flying in afghanistan against the taliban on an apache helicopter. taping her christmas message in 3d. >> i wish you all a very happy christmas. >> reporter: describing all the outpouring in 2012 as humbling. >> good evening, mr. bond. >> good evening, your majesty. >> reporter: action-packed year to be royal, indeed. >> that was nbc's michelle kosinski. i don't know about you, erica. but i, too, spent christmas with commoners. >> so nice of you to give back to the people a little bit. >> my uncle herb. >> i'm sure he appreciates that, too. they do gag gifts apparently, so i wanted to give you this. it's not really a gag. you were interested in the tweezers. >> why do i need the light on it? >> for when you're tweezing your brow, doing preshow -- >> go ahead. i didn't know what that means. >> if you need to finish up afterwards, just -- >> taking care of business over there that needs to be attended
9:49 am
to? >> how about that? you can actually see what you're plucking. >> technology at work. >> use them in good health. >> thanks. fun facts you may not have known about your holiday cocktail. little info before you go boozing. first this is "today" on nbc. qt
9:50 am
9:51 am
this morning on "today's" five facts, the spirits of the holiday season. with christmas now behind us, new year's eve almost here, we're talking cocktails. madeline furstrom. >> good to see you. >> it takes one hour for your body to break down one serving of alcohol. that old rule, pace yourself a drink an hour, there's actually some biology to that. you have a drink, gets digested,
9:52 am
goes into your blood stream. in about 20 minutes that's when your blood alcohol level is the highest. you get the effects of alcohol. after that, makes its way to your liver where it's broken down and byproducts are then eliminated. after about an hour, your blood alcohol level is down where it started. so before you drink and after one hour it's just about zero. >> that's just one drink an hour. >> that's with one drink. if you do more than that, none of this works. it's actually just for social drinkers and it depends upon your metabolism, body size, age. this is a good rule of thumb but it's a good way to pace yourself. >> pace something a good idea. don't you think? >> very wise move, yes. >> and the thing to remember is not the size of your drink. 12-ounce beer or five ounce glass of wine, not the size of the vessel. >> all cocktails are not created equal when it comes to calories. >> that's right. one of the best bargains if you're trying to watch your
9:53 am
weight, one of the best cocktail alary bargains is a glass of champagne. for five ounces it's about 90 calories. it's also good because it's bubbly and so you drink it slower. you don't tend to glug, glug down so quickly when you compare it to something like eggnog with a shot of bourbon. >> thank you for bringing that back. >> you just described my past three days. >> are you champagne drinkers? do you like champagne or sparkling drinks? >> i wouldn't turn it down. >> it's not really your thing? >> not typically. i'm not so worried about the weight so much. and then consuming between men and women. >> health guidelines for alcohol consumption should be limited to an intake of one drink for women and two drinks for men each day. so first it doesn't mean you should start drinking -- if you want to be healthy start drinking. if you do consume alcohol there's rules for healthy living. for women it's one and men it's
9:54 am
two drinks. 12-ounce beer, five-ounce glass of wine, one ounce of hard liquor like gin, bourbon. men and women are equal in just about everything but not in alcohol consumption. >> pure biology. >> it is biology. whether you choose to follow it or not. >> when you drink it seems you eat more. is there a direct relation there? >> biology kicks in every time when it comes to alcohol. it does stimulate your appetite. that's our fourth fact. alcohol has sort of a triple whammy if you're trying to watch your weight. first the calories from alcohol. secondly, it does stimulate your appetite. if you think gosh i feel really hungry while you're drinking or after you get home and you want to get something to eat. the third is your self control is kind of going down and out the window where you start to think, fried zucchini sort of counts as a vegetable. you don't have that reserve you
9:55 am
normally have in resisting calories. biologically, alcohol does a lot of stuff and affects your brain in many ways. do you get hungry while you're drinking? >> that's true. you munch on whatever is in front of you. >> what about you, erica? >> no question. >> number five has to do with the beer belly. is it a real phenomenon? >> drinking beer does not cause a beer belly. despite everyone you see -- a big guy with a big beer belly drinking beer. see it works. not true at all. it's only the calories. men especially, because you tend to put on weight in the belly area, you go, okay, this is a beer belly. it's not from beer. any alcohol will do this. so it's something that if you like beer, that's fine. if you like other things, but you're not protected from a beer belly if you drink -- >> stimulating your appetite, which then leads to the -- >> see. there you go. perfect. [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios,
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